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Colorado Gothic Lolita Society
Japanese rummage sale 
10th-Apr-2012 01:54 pm
grey cat
Hello lolitas!

I am selling six years' worth of Japanese goods. There are some fashion pieces (more toward visual kei than lolita although the two are often mixed) but most of it is music related (actually the clothes are too, they were my concert outfits). I have more Gackt, L'Arc, indies goods etc. than you will find anywhere outside of Japan. We're not just talking about DVDs and CDs (although I have tons of those) I lugged back a towel from hyde's solo tour, a Gackt mouse pad, posters and wristbands and photographs and folders and fans and concert pamphlets and more. If you aren't a gothic lolita and include pop in your diet, I have you more than covered. If Johnny's Entertainment put it on the market before 2006, chances are that I bought it. I also have enough random singles that whether you like Tommy February, B'z, Black Biscuits or El Dorado, I have something that you might like.

I've made a promise to myself to get all of it out the door by the end of the month. Prices are negotiable and as I haven't even finished photographing it all, I haven't started pricing it either. If you'd like a sneak peak: click here. I would LOVE to avoid shipping and thus would adore it if any of you local ladies (or gents) want anything and can just come pick it up. Drop me a line if you see anything you want or if you are curious as to whether that obscure Lychee single you've been hunting for is in my possession (hint: it is).
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