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Colorado Gothic Lolita Society
Lolita Dress- Up Battle 2012! 
12th-Aug-2012 03:08 pm
nana panties
CO Gothic & Lolita society is at it again! Join us for fun at Nan Desu Kan, held Sept 14-16th 2012. Put your coordination skills to the test to compete for a cute prize! This is a special coordination competition!

Three teams of three people compete against each other. Each has a lolita model with 8-10 items of her own wardrobe (shoes included), and a changing booth provided by us. Accessories are UNLIMITED! The judge of the game has a pile of cards with themes on them (Sweet Tea Party, Lolita at a funeral, Work Lolita, At the Ball, etc). She draws one, reads it aloud, then the teams have 10 minutes or less to create an outfit with the wardrobe pieces they brought. Models are encouraged to wear a tank top/bloomers underneath for modesty; team members are also allowed to leave their station while they change for privacy.

When the round is over, three judges give a quick critique and pick their favorite team, earning a point. An extra point comes from the crowd (audience favorite) to avoid ties. As the rounds continue, each team has less and less time to get ready. (Ex: Round 1 is 10 mins, Round 2 is 7 mins, Round 3 is 5 mins, etc.) The number of points increase for each round, since they are put on a time crunch to finish! Team members will also be judged on how they "present" their lolita to the crowd! The team with the most points wins the battle, and a special prize!

Post here, or over at The Facebook Event Page if you are interested in participating as a model or a team member for this year's game!

MC: 1 needed
Models: 3 needed
Team Members: 6 needed
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