They Died for Beauty (nudeonthemoon) wrote in co_gothiclolita,
They Died for Beauty

Lolita Weekend Activities!

Here's a tentative schedule for this weekend while CJ and Angie visit us from Kansas!!

Thursday, April 19th

7:15 - Edward Scissorhands at the Buell
After show (9:30-10 pm?) Drinks!

Friday, April 20th

12-5 - Diana Denver Sightseeing Tour!
6 pm - Dinner at Cheesecake Factory or Maggiano's
8pm - Karaoke?

Saturday, April 21st
11am: Brunch (Place TBD)
12:30: Shopping @ Flatirons!
3:30: Tea at Boulder Dushanbe Tea
9:00 pm: Goth night at Club Boca: Disintegration
Tags: events
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