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Colorado Gothic Lolita Society
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Gothic Lolita Fashion
Gothic Lolita is a Harajuku street fashion. A post-modern vision of rococo decadence and victorian elegance, lolita merges innocence and macabre, sweet and urbane, femininity and feminism, in a surprisingly reflection of our times. Whether taking afternoon tea in chic salons or enjoying a night out at the trendiest club, lolitas are both at ease and incongruous.

Lolita fashion resources:

egl - main lolita internet community

lolita_handbook - Style guide

Wiki Entry on Gothic Lolita Fashion
20th-Jul-2011 07:04 pm - Closet Sale!
I'm selling everything from my goth loli to my kimono wa! Size is around a 12 US. $30 for almost any dress or make me an offer.

Only 2 outfits not in this offer are the :
The Blue long Kimono wa outfit is $50
The black and red jacket + black pant set is $75.

Pictures here: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v299/littlemanganeko/Clothes%204%20Sale/

PM me with any questions ... if you want everything I'll give you a hell of a deal.
13th-Jul-2011 11:12 pm - Greeley, anyone?
Hi everybody. c: I'll be a freshman at UNC in Greeley, CO this fall, are there any lolitas in the area? I love the fashion but I'm not confident enough to wear it very often, it'd be awesome to have a friend.
nana panties
The time has come again! This time, the dress up battle will be held at Nan Desu Kan, this September! Put your coordination skills to the test to compete for a cute prize! This is a special coordination competition!

Three teams (or more) of three people compete against each other. Each has a lolita model with 8-10 items of her wardrobe (shoes and wigs included), and a changing booth. Accessories are UNLIMITED! Hair products and makeup are optional. The person in charge of the game has a pile of cards with themes on them (Sweet Tea Party, Lolita at a funeral, Work Lolita, At the Ball, etc). She draws one, reads it aloud, then the teams have 10 minutes to create an outfit with the wardrobe pieces they brought. Models are encouraged to wear a tank top/bloomers underneath for modesty; team members are also allowed to leave their station while they change for privacy.

When the ten minutes are over, three judges give a quick critique and pick their favorite one, earning a point. An extra point comes from the crowd (audience favorite) to avoid ties. As the rounds continue, each team has less and less time to get ready. (Ex: Round 1 is 10 mins, Round 2 is 7 mins, Round 3 is 5 mins, etc.) The number of points increase for each round, since they are put on a time crunch to finish! (Ex: Round 1 is 1 one point for vote, Round 2 is 2 points per vote, etc.) Team members will also be judged on how they "present" their lolita to the crowd! The team with the most points wins the battle, and a prize! Teams should be switching their Lolita every round to avoid wardrobe inequalities or popularity contests.

Post here, At the Facebook Event page or on the NDK Forums if you are interested in participating as a model, judge or a team member! I will only accept judge submissions after we have found enough people interested in being a model or team member. ^^

I will be hosting one other panel dedicated to lolita fashion during the weekend called the Lolita Crash Course. I encourage everyone to stop by and see me! This is a post to gauge interest in game participants. Invite your friends! Participate!

Models: 3 needed
Team Members: 2 per team; 6 needed
Judges: 3 needed, 2 found- Raven, Danielle
8th-Jul-2011 04:07 pm - Gothnic 2011?
 Hey! I was just wondering if any of the CO lolis were going to Gothnic this year in Denver? The... 17th of June I believe? 
11th-Jun-2011 04:01 pm - Sales post! Help me pay for school!

Hey guys, I unfortunately cannot afford to keep up with Lolita anymore, as I am needing to save buttloads of money for grad school, and get rid of things as grad school for me involves moving overseas. So sad for me, but good for you? Anyway, all of my lolita dresses are listed on ebay in the link below. I'm hoping there are lolitas out there that will give them good homes, and help me pay for school.

Thanks. <3

15th-May-2011 01:41 pm - International Lolita Day
bunnies in cups
Hello, Colorado Lolitas! I'm new to this community so let me introduce myself.
My name is Scout and while I've been into Lolita for a while, I haven't really been active in the local comm. I think it would be a great idea to have a meetup on International Lolita Day, which is on Saturday Sunday, June 5th.

I read that you guys generally meet up in Denver; is there any special place that the community would like to go for the 5th? Maybe a restaurant, a museum, a park or an amusement center, like a bowling alley or skate rink?

I'm sorry if this post is vague at all, I didn't see any meetup planned for the 5th so I thought I'd get the ball rolling and get some ideas going for a nice meetup. :3 Thank you for reading and I hope to meet you all soon!
[died of cute] kitty &amp; cupcakes

Looking to see if anyone has wa-lolita outfits or knows anyone with a wa-lolita outfit? If so, please contact me at janora @ gmail.com. I am planning a small fashion show and want to focus on that look, see how it goes. If I can't find enough people with wa-lolita outfits, I will probably just do a lolita fashion show. It's Saturday, May 28th, not quite sure of the time yet but let me know if you are potentially interested! Thanks so much!!
22nd-Mar-2011 04:56 pm - Pueblo lolitas.. help?
heart, white, red, love
Okay, So I figured the best place to post this would be here...
Are there any lolitas in Pueblo CO that know where a good tea house is here?
I'm looking for a tea house the sells loose leaf teas, if anybody can help thank you so much!!
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