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gothic lolita

Gothic lolita is a Harajuku street fashion; a post-modern vision of rococo decadence and victorian elegance, lolita merges innocence and macabre in a perfect reflection of our times. Inherently feminine and feminist, sweet and urbane, the free-spirited dreams of a young woman's heart are divinely captured by lace, ruffles, bows, and frills. Whether taking afternoon tea in chic salons or enjoying a night out at the trendiest club, lolitas are at ease and incongruous.

If you're unfamiliar with lolita fashion, the lolita_handbook is a good place to start!

♕ Please note that this is not a fetish community. Gothic lolita is a fashion that we wear in our everyday lives.

♕ Please don't post any adult content to this community. There are many members here under 18.